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Single Mom Dating After Divorce

Online Dating Success Story

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My client was hard to get and got the ring.

Do you feel hopeless, discouraged and don't think you will find love after a divorce?

Did you find The Rules Book and think it was too strict, outdated, unreasonable or disempowering?

Are you worried he will think you're not interested if you're too busy or don't write back within 24 hours?

My client wrote the shortest profile and didn't respond to her husband until after 3 weeks. She was super busy with work, kids (and trying to lose weight before they met)... And could not even see him once a week!

She was naturally hard to get and married the man of her dreams. Her story is so inspiring and empowering, it is a great example of how to do The Rules for online dating after divorce with a fearless kind of faith. Never give up on love. Never give up on yourself. Believe you are worth it. There is someone out there for you!

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"So I was 39 and suddenly found myself divorced with two young kids. I seriously thought that was it! But I tried online dating just for fun. I wrote honestly the shortest profile that the dating site would allow! It was 2 sentences long!

I had loads of dates with different men and I was having SO much fun. I got my confidence back, lost weight, bought new Rulesy dresses and just had a ball.

Then after a few months, it got quieter and I was going back through my dating inbox to see if I'd missed anyone. I found a sweet message in there from someone SUPER handsome. He is 2 years older than me, also has kids, lived nearby - perfect.

He had sent his message 3 weeks ago but I'd missed it. So I sent a simple smiley-face. I didn't expect a reply but he replied with a full message that same night.

We emailed for 3 weeks. He was repeatedly asking me out on dates but I was ignoring and deflecting every mention because I was really busy with life, work and kids - and I wanted to lose 7 lbs before I met him!

We eventually met up for a drink and it was really good fun. He asked me out for a second date immediately and we went for dinner. I could only see him once every 7-10 days as I always had my kids (who I didn't introduce to boyfriends till we'd dated 6 months) so they kept me Rules-y!

He said, "I love you" after 3.5 months and we discussed marriage at 1 year. By 18 months, NOTHING WAS HAPPENING, so I consulted with Kim! She was great! So sassy, kind, wise and funny. She reassured me that we'd had such a Rulesy relationship so far that a ring was on its way.

And she was right! About 4 weeks after my consultation, he whisked me away to Barcelona and proposed after dinner, as we sat sipping drinks in a beautiful open-air square.

We got married a year later and didn't live together until 6 months before the wedding.

He's been a great husband - generous, supportive and a real "rock" to my more emotional nature.

I love Kim's advice! She is wise without being cruel, and SO inspiring. She's my go-to love coach and always will be!"

-Happy Wife, U.K.

"Don't worry about being too busy or hard to get. If he wants to marry you, he'll find a way. If he doesn't, he won't. Let The Rules weed-out Mr. Wrong and attract Mr. Right!"

-Kim Evazians

My clients from all over the world share their epic proposal stories.

Do you think it's too good to be true? This could be you!

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