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How to Date in a Classy Manner

Tinderella Stories + Online Dating

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Dealing with defensive and difficult people.

My client said, "I met a younger guy online (I'm 27, he's 24). When I took more than a couple of hours to reply to his text, he called me out for ignoring him.

I told him I don't appreciate the finger-pointing and he lashed out at me for being sensitive, so I decided to cut him off. The drama continued after that, with him looking me up on another chat app and by SMS, but I've blocked and reported him.
My question is, how do you deal with guys who want immediate attention and start taking the offensive when you don't respond the way they want you to?"

My coaching is...

I would not have called him out.

It's unnecessary and it accomplished nothing other than escalating drama. All that time and emotional energy wasted on someone who wasn't worth it. You could have been washing your hair.

Hold your mood. Never lose your cool. Be calm and classy.

Never complain. Never explain. Never justify yourself.

Never tell him what to do. Silently teach men how to treat you.

Just because he wants you to respond doesn't mean you're obligated. It's OK to want... (LOL.)

No one can force you. So don't.

Finger-pointing and lashing out is not the way to approach a woman you want to date. It's childish, selfish and inconsiderate. Not suave or cool.

He should be a gentleman, patient, kind, understanding... And make a positive impression on you to demonstrate that he is a high quality man. If he wants attention, he needs to earn it with good manners, a cool attitude and class. Not by being defensive and argumentative.

This is not a man who wants to date you. He's just seeking attention. And he's not doing it right.

Accept this as a sign of immaturity and a lower quality man who, perhaps was never taught. That isn't your problem. Don't try to own it. Move on quietly, gracefully, and in a dignified mood.

Silence is the best response because it can never be misunderstood.

"Don't waste words on someone who deserves your silence." -Kim Evazians

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